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  The early months of my life it werechallenging. It was discovered that I had a condition called hydrocephalus (water on the brain). The side effect of this was mild paralysis with motor defect which affected my sense of balance greatly. In a search for answers to the issues arising from my condition my motherwho was an active member of the then St Catherine Parent Association for “Handicapped” Children started by Dr Marigold Thorbourn became a vibrant advocate for the establishment of 3D Projects.

  The services offered by 3D Projectswere the commencement of my rehabilitation process. As a means to occupy one’s space adequately and give back to society 3D was my catalyst for positive change. With the winds of encouragement and determination blowing strongly in my sails I went to Primary and High school. Presently I am pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Primary Education at the St. Joseph’s Teachers College.


All through life however I have been ridiculed, mocked and jeered from within and out of my space by all genresand disciplinesand people that I have interfacedwith because of my disability. All these experiences have caused me to develop a great resolve. 

So here I pause to give thanks to God, my mother, my dearly beloved Sunday school teacher and last but not least my heart beat, sweetheart husband Orville.

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