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  My son has Autism and his name is Dave. Heis fifteen (15) years old and attendsthe HydelGroup of School.

When Dave was born he appeared to be a normal child to his father and I, but as time went by, Dave started to behave differently. He spoke less, and he had difficulty saying words that he knew before.

  We would call him, but would get no response, so we took him to the Caribbean Hearing Center to get his hearing checked, but they said that his hearing was fine. So we took him for an Assessment and was told that he is Autistic. We were devastated, to know that this was happening to our first born.

  Nevertheless we loved him just the same and wanted only the best for him. It was very hard and challenging at times, but his father and I worked together to teach him the basics.  He stopped talking at the age of 1 year and 2 months, but we kept at it and took him for speech therapy for some months, until we had to stop. However,we were able to send him to McCam and with their help;Dave’sspeech came back at the age of four years old.


We worked with his teacher and the Community Rehabilitation Worker (CRW) from Community Based Rehabilitation Jamaica (CBRJ). With the help of these persons and the Almighty God, Dave last report indicated that he now has a 97 average in school and he is an honour roll student.

My advice to Parents is to not give up on your children.I know that it is not easy and can be challenging most of the time, but with the strength and help from the Almighty God, and lots of love, I know that they can succeed.

God bless us all.

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