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Community Based Rehabilitation Jamaica - values the development and inclusion of persons with disabilities into the social and economic main-stream of society; and is dedicated to providing services that will enable them and their families to enjoy equal rights, respect and improved quality of life.

CBRJ is committed to providing education and intervention services that will lead to the cognitive and social development of children and adolescents with disabilities and to help them to enjoy equal rights and improved quality of life.

For CBRJ to be the leading agency in the Caribbean region to provide training and technical support in addressing the educational and social development of children with disabilities and their families through Community Based Rehabilitation.

Our history

Recognizing the inability of health, social and education services to adequately meet the special needs of the children with disabilities in rural Jamaica, Three D Projects and Rural Services for Children with Disabilities (RSCD) were two agencies that were formed to meet that need. Since 1982 they have provided CBR services for 10,000 children with disabilities and their families.


Both agencies were committed to providing the best possible service to persons with disabilities. This meant improving the quality of services as well as being able to meet the demand in quantitative terms. None of the organization had the had capacity to pursue such strategic direction on its own and although they were collaborating on some activities, it was realized that merger of the entities would strength that effort.  


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Programme Locations

St. Caterine

14 Monk St, Spanish Town

Tel : 984-2840

     : 943-8528

The Enos Barrett Centre

1 Rodney Hall Ave Linstead

Tel : 985-7863

St. Elizabeth

40 Institution Dive, Santa Cruz

Tel : 966-3237


Albion District, Manchester

Tel :  631-0490

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