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Overview of Services​​

CBRJ is committed to providing services that will lead to the development of children and adolescents with disabilities and to help them to enjoy equal rights and improved quality of life. 

​The agency provides services as outlined below for children and adolescents varying ranges of disabilities including ;

・intellectual disabilities,

・physical / motor disabilities,

・learning disabilities, autism speech,

・hearing and visual impairment,

・medically disabling conditions, 

・severe behavioral problems. 

Where the agencies cannot provide direct services, the children are referred to other Agencies with follow-up support by CBRJ.



​1, Home Based Intervention Programme 

An individualized ​home-based rehabilitation programme is developed for each child based on the Portage Assessment and other assessments done by the professional staff. Our Community Rehabilitation Workers (CRWs) visit these families or weekly basis. 


Community Rehabilitation Workers (CRWs) are para-professionals who are trained to work with disabilities. In addition to doing educational and rehabilitation activities with children, they work along with parents / caregivers to teach them strategies so that they can work with their children.


2, Screening and Assessment 

・Medical, Psychological, Social and Educational Assessments  are conducted at Scheduled Clinics in the Parishes.
・The Denver Development Screening and Portage Screening are done by CRWs at clinics and during home visits for clients in the programme.
・Routine Screening is done for children on request.


3, Early Childhood Education and Therapeutic Services (ECETS)  

​These are inclusive preschool programms which cater to children with disabilities and aids their transition to other formal learning intuitions. Disabled and dis-abled children are included in these programmes. One has been in operation for several years in Mandeville. This centre was recently named the Gloria Gayle Early Childhood Education and Therapeutic Centre. Another was started in Spanish Town in 2011.  


4, Centre Based Early Intervention, Educational and Therapeutic Programs  

​In addition to the home based services, ECETS are offered in St. Catherine, Manchester, St. Elizabeth and St. James. The programmes prepare children for placement in regular or special schools wherever possible through activities designed for those children with severe multiple disabilities. A nutritious meal is also provided daily. We also support basic schools by identifying children at risk for disabilities and providing training and support for teachers and parents.

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